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Erp EcoDesign

The European Union has set itself these ambitious objectives

The new Erp directive

Shaping the future

Do you know about the ErP directive? No?
And yet it will change our everyday life and the way in which we manage energy throughout the EU.

The most surprising effect concerning the adoption of this regulation will be the gradual elimination of traditional bulbs and their replacement with greater energy efficiency products, such as LED light bulbs and fluorescent tubes that have been the subject of recent attention.

The main aim of the EcoDesign European directive is to achieve an environmentally friendly design for products that consume energy (ErP Energy related Products). In many environments, products are classified and reclassified into new classes of energy efficiency.

For example, in the future, PCs, tumble dryers or vacuum cleaners, boilers and even windows will be affected by the directive.

From 1 January 2013, specific regulations will come into force for another category of products: air-conditioning systems up to 12 kW.

Make an active contribution to designing the future by choosing and using energy saving air-conditioning systems with a view to the future!

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